Outdoor Blinds - Block out Canvas or Screen type

Outdoor Canvas awnings with a great colour range
Screen Awnings still allow plenty of light in.
Awnings Screen Type for allowning light in.

Screen awning of the front of a house provides sun screening and light in the home.

Great screen awnings for pricacy thru the day

A Nice way to screen the sun of the home

Awnings along the rear of the home

Awnings across the

 back verandah area shelter the weather 

and is a great feature

Screen awnings against the north wall protecting the area from wind

Screening in the weather side of the patio, allows you to enjoy sitting outside and enclosing the area so its comfortable.

more screen awnings
straight drop awning bottom rail
Carcoal straight drop crank awning
Crank of the straight drop awning
different colours available